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Am I the only one to find this earth being created under the compass out of chaos looking a lot like a Mandelbrot Set M ?

The image of God using a compass is famous (see for instance the much later William Blake) but this one is curious by the image of the world. It dates from the 13th century in a splendidly illustrated and fastuous kind of Bible digest and commentary called “a bible moralisĂ©e” made for royals of France.

found thanks to inillotempore.

Edit 2014/09/18: Alexander and Antti pointed out in comments the similarity with amethyst geodes such as this one

Circular Amethyst Geode found in Brasil

found on Minerals.net.


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(excerpted from A. Borovik's blog Mathematics under the microscope)

This work by William Blake could suggest that the mathematician and its mathematics emerge from geological sediments, old life fossilized, crystals and stones, through a geometrical body, allegorically as perfect as his theorems, and reminiscent of the Renaissance artists such as Leonardo da Vinci associations between perfect body proportions, art, architecture and the Universe.

It also reminds of the much later and severely misleading “path of evolution” images going from fish to men.

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